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Iron-On Patch - Wrapped

Iron-On Patch - Wrapped


Screenprinted patch, handmade in Sydney, Nova Scotia! 

Patch is approximately 4" x 4.5"

Complete ironing instrctions can be found below as well as on the back of the piece itself.


    1. Peel off paper backing and place patch where you want it attached.

    2. Lay a small tea towel on top of your patch and with your iron on high heat, glide it across the patch for 10-20 seconds.

    3. Let the piece cool completely before moving it.

    4. Repeat ironing process over edges, as well as flipping piece over and ironing from the opposite side as needed.

    Tip: a quick running stitch around the sides of your patch will help it stay on even longer!


    Please contact me at with any inquiries on returns or exchanges.

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