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low impact, 2020 

Low Impact (2020), is a study of the daily expressions of connection between human bodies and the natural world. The intersections and contrasts between the natural and the artificial are explored through the manipulation of organic materials with contemporary textile techniques which explore similarities between these two seemingly opposite concepts. Juliana Scherzer is drawing on organic imagery of pathways; roots, veins, woven structures; to create with preserved leaves which are cut, sewn, and woven into a series of modern, asymmetrical botanical quilts. 
Reflecting on the process of creation and humanity’s interaction with its environment, one might confront their individualism outside of nature and contemplate their sense of place in relation to nature. Historical and societal shifts towards anthropocentrism have rendered the outdoors a foreign space but our existence within its network is logical and essential. With this notion, we can take the first steps to sustainability, rehabilitation, and restoration, and understand where we belong and our responsibility to its stewardship. 

All photos by Steve Wadden

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